Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Team Fortress 2 Achievement HACK 100% Vac Secure

Have you been searching for Team Fortess 2 cheats? Well you've come to the right blog!

The following Team Fortress 2 cheat is an achievement hack. This post will provide you with the proper files to install and achieve the cheat. The hack is 100% VAC secure and will allow you to complete all Team Fortress Achievements without having to go through the process of playing through each character... Plus you can still play on steam servers! Each Team Fortress character gets 100% achievement will even work with the sniper! Just follow the following instructions to install the hack and unlock all achievements!

Download the achievement hacks zip file

The file will list 4 files, 3 of which you need to use, once is just a proof screen shot. Extract the files into a folder of your choosing and follow the video below for the rest of the install!

The download has to be hosted on an external site as blogger does not allow rapidshare links! The rapidshare is free to use and provided by me :-D

Download Now

Follow the instructions in the following short video

The instructions are simple if you have trouble following them please feel free to post a comment!